Mini-Review: The Lazy Gourmet

Barb and I finally broke down and gave in to our hamburger lust and went to the Lazy Gourmet for lunch on Sunday

David, one of our friends, has been recommending it highly and the burgers delivered. Filled with cheese, and seasoned with a BBQ sauce and topped with sweet roasted onions and spicy spinach, the burgers were delicious. They came with a pickle and a side order of thin cut fries that were accompannied by scrummy orange mayo.

We shared an order of herbed latkes which were like light hash browns. Very light and non greasy! Yummy!

The restaurant itself is small but cozy. Very modern. A good place to have Sunday brunch on a rainy winter afternoon.

With an ice tea and a coffee, the bill came to $28 including tax.


Lazy Gourmet, 1605 West 5th Avenue, 734 2507