Mini-Review: Hawker's Delight

Barb's been craving to go to this restaurant for months and we finally got to it today. It was well worth the proverbial wait!

Hawker's Delight at King Edward and Main is like a hawker's stand you would find in Malaysia or Singapore.

The food is delicious and cheap (all the main courses are less than 5 bucks!) and covers all the classics from Mee Goreng to Latong to Laksa etc. There are also excellent desserts, like Ais Kechang.

We had two main courses, two appetizers including an excellent curry puff and a small ais kechang and some other dessert all for $15!!

Hawker's Delight, 4127 Main Street, 709-8188 (closed Sundays otherwise open 11a.m.-9p.m.)