Mini-Review: Da Rae Korean Restaurant

Just two blocks from the border with Burnaby, Da Rae Korean Restaurant is a great place for an inexpensive hot down-home style Korean dinner; a perfect foil to cold, rainy, damp Vancouver winter evenings. Nestled in a non-descript surbuban Korean strip mall, it's the kind of place that you will miss unless you are really looking for it!

The food is delicious; everything we've tried from Korean staples like bulgoki (Korean BBQ beef) and chap chae (bean thread noodles with beef and vegetables; the texture of the bean thread noodles is awesome) as well as other less common dishes has been delicious and filling. And every meal (most of which are less than $10; only the full meal deals or seafood costs more). comes with kimchi, and other pickled Korean treats like pickled radish and bean sprouts.

We haven't tried any of the twenty dollar seafood stews and soups for two, but there's always a next time!

Tonight we stuck to the aforementioned chap chae and bulgoki with barley tea came to $21 without tip! Although the staff doesn't know much English, their service is always friendly and efficient.

Recommended for all you Korean foodies out there!

Da Rae Korean Restaurant, 3510 Kingsway, 435 6664