Mini Review: Crepe Montagne at Whistler

Dining out at Whistler is generally expensive. Happily, however there are few exceptions and Crepe Montagne is one of them.

Crepe Montagne is a small charming restaurant in Whistler Marketplace that serves delicious and inexpensive food.

Appropriately enough, they serve both sweet (with chocolate, fruits, etc.) and savoury crepes. They also serve waffles and pancakes and are open not just for breakfast but also for lunch and supper.

Barb and I have only been there twice. Both times we have had breakfast crepes. Yesterday I had a breakfast crepe with an egg over easy, Bratwurst, tomatoes and peppers. Mmmm! Delicious and fillling and less than $10. Recommended!

Crepe Montagne, Market Pavilion 116-4368 Main St Whistler, BC V0N 1B4, 604 905 4444