Mini-Review: Chambar

I love Belgian food and drink, especially the beer. Thus, I am predisposed to liking a Belgian restaurant like Chambar (562 Beatty Street, 604 979-7119).

And I love Moroccan food! So any place that combines the two countries' cuisine is a place I'll probably like.

Not surprisingly, I love Chambar. Yes it's trendy but it's not the kind of place where you feel the need to run screaming out of if you are having a less than trendy kind of day. The crowd is mixed from young hipsters to people like who me who can still vaguely recall those days!

And oh the beer. Simply the best beer list in the city; they even have a few great non Belgian beers.  My current favourite is the Mort Subite Gueuze ($8) but I love them all!

Of course the food is the most important and everything I've tried (see my Chambar first visit report for more) from the olives to the poutine to the mussels (the Coquotte with bacon is divine) to the Lamb Tajine is cheap ($20 or less) and delicious!  Two can stuff themselves for about $40 each after tax before tip.

On our last visit, Barb and I had mussels (Coquotte, $17), olives ($6), Belgian poutine ($7), Lamb Tajine ($19), Tarte Tatin for dessert ($8) and a Belgian beer and an excellent sake cocktail all for $82 after tax before tip.

Highly recommended!