Progressive Dinner November 2007

Roland and I live in a townhouse community with some great food lovers. A few years ago we started having progressive dinners. Tonight's theme was small plates.

Heather and Andrew's (Spanish tapas):
-sauteed prawns and scallops with roasted pumpkin puree and spicy sauce
-Spanish beet salad
-olive bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dipping

Barb and Roland's (local, seasonal):
-roasted kabocha and pear soup with homemade cracker sticks
-a "deconstructed" streudel filled with wild mushroom and duck confit ragout accompanied with salad of pea shoots and celeriac in truffle honey vinaigrette
-homemade focaccia

Sharon and Alex's (desserts galore):
-gingerbread biscotti
-brie with pistachio honey drizzle

Of course our meal was accompanied by lots of great wine, sherry and dessert wine.