Ken's Chinese Restaurant - First Visit

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Ken's Chinese Restaurant (1097 Kingsway, 604 873-6338) is a bright, cozy Hong Kong style eatery which means among many other yummy things Hong Kong-style Milk Tea and Hong Kong versions of "western food" (which I don't care for but the Hong Kongers seem to love; to each his own!) and lots of families of Hong Kong Chinese heritage enjoying cheap, cheerful and tasty meals.

Last Saturday for dinner, took advantage of their $25 special: 1/4 HaineseHainese-like chicken (or roast duck, Jr. likes chicken so we didn't try the duck), slow simmered soup, two dishes (we picked pork with Taro and mushrooms with Chinese mustard greens (the kid is obsessed with mushrooms)) and one of my favourites red bean soup for dessert, enough to feed two adults and a kid for two meals!

The verdict was three thumbs up; the kid loves Chinese restaurants and we loved the fatty pork with the taro. We only erred in ordering two dishes with same kind of sauce. This restaurant is very close to where we live, so we'll be back!

Check out some photos of what we had below:

Mushrooms with Mustard Greens

20071020-4 - Kens Chinese Restaurant-2

Pork with Taro

20071020-3 - Kens Chinese Restaurant-2

Hainese-like Chicken

20071020-2 - Kens Chinese Restaurant-2

Hong Kong-style Milk Tea with Ice aka Dong Lai Cha

20071020-1 - Kens Chinese Restaurant-2