Help Steven my Belgian colleague find plain European Style Bread

In search of bread for Steven II - Roland N80i in Vancouver 323

Luckily the Old Country (light rye, $3.70) bread (middle right in photo above) from Breka (VanEats blurb on Breka) at Fraser near 49th that I bought for him on Sunday meets his requirements! Phew! But Steven doesn't have a car and so going to Fraser for bread is impractical. He lives in Yaletown. There must be something within walking distance! It doesn't have to be Belgian of course. German, Eastern European, etc. would all work too!. Leave a comment or email roland AT with your suggestions

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Lack of good bread. This might sound silly, but in Belgium (and the Netherlands), people tend to eat a lot more bread. We only eat one hot meal a day normally, while lunch is typically sandwiches. Because of this, we tend to eat higher quality bread with a much bigger variety of spreads, deli meat and cheeses. In Vancouver, the average supermarket bread is a sponge that you can squeeze like an accordeon only to have it expand back to its original form. It can stay fresh for weeks and tastes flat and dry. Now, I've managed to scout out some places that might offer better bread, but most of it tends to be speciality bread, usually heavy or flavored. Either that, or a simple baguette. But a proper, normal white or brown loaf seems impossible to find.