Dine Out Vancouver 2007 picks

To follow on from my Dine Out Vancouver 2007 CBC Radio chat last Thursday, here's the places I'd recommend for Dine Out Vancouver 2007:

$35 (in no order)

$25 (in no order):

As I said on the radio, have fun with it! Try a new place! Get out of your comfort zone. Order something extra like a glass of wine. Enjoy! Remember: everybody wins, you get a "deal" and a nice intro to the restaurant's cuisine and the restaurants get people in at a slow time of the year and potentially a new regular customer.

Finally if the place you have been dreaming of is fully booked, no worries, you can usually get a deal at other slow times of the year or if you eat early! And don't forget the hundreds of "hole in the wall" restaurants in Vancouver that have great deals year around.