Progressive Dinner

Last night we participated in a progressive dinner with some of our townhouse neighbours. A progressive dinner is where guests move from home to home for each course of the meal. What an ideal setting...we only had to move a few yards to the next course.

We thought about different themes and we didn't settle on one in particular. So I took Diwali as my inspiration and made baked samosas and bhel.

We had our main course at Heather and Andrew's who served boboti, a Cape Malay South African dish. The baked dish of seasoned ground lamb and raisins was mildly spiced and served with chutney, coconut and sliced banana. Perfect food for a cool autumn evening.

We ended the evening with Sharon and Alex who served a decadent cheesecake with a bananas foster sauce. It's a recipe from the Bin 941 cookbook.

It was a great evening of good company, food and wine...a wonderful way to spend a cold autumn evening. We're looking forward to the next one!