Grilled Cheese Day at Slashfood on Monday August 29, 2005

This sounds good. Hmm it would great to have a grilled cheese at The Boss that day!

From Monday is Grilled Cheese Day on Slashfood.:


Monday, August 29 is Grilled Cheese Day on Slashfood. Nothing but grilled cheese posts, all day long. We'll talk to special guests, share recipes and preparation tips for non-traditional and international interpreations. look into grilled cheese gadgetry, and even report from the scene of a competitive grilled cheese eating event. Can't wait until Monday? Put your grilled cheese photos where we can see 'em - tag them with "grilledcheese" and "slashfood" on Flickr, and we'll link to our favorite in a special installment of Food P*rn.