WaiterBlog dinner at Fiction - Last Thoughts

WaiterBlog dinner at Fiction - 06June2005 - 052
WaiterBlog dinner at Fiction - 06June2005 - 080

Some last parting thoughts about the crazy fun Waiterblog dinner at Fiction on Monday:

  • My favourites from the menu were the lobster ravioli picture and the trio of tarts shown above
  • It was great to meet the eGullet crowd (SBonner, Mooshmouse, Zucchini Mama, etc.) and some of Vancovuer's food bloggers like Jack and Jill. I want to meet more Vancouver food lovers!
  • I would like to come out to more of these dinners and do a podcast to get real time reviews, anybody up for it at the dinner after the next (can't make the next one)?