Richard recommends Bombay Bhel's lunch

Hmmm. Maybe if I go to visit Richard out in Burnaby, I can go check out Bombay Bhel with him. Tempted!

From Lunch Recommendation: Bombay Bhel in Burnaby.:


I had lunch on Saturday at Bombay Bhel with my dad in Burnaby. The food was excellent: I had the lamb vindaloo with naan bread which was very spicy and very tasty. The ambiance was just right, not upscale but still comfortable: nice art, hip music (but not too hip!) and the lighting was just right. Also, the two servers we had were non-intrusive and both very pretty. One had an English accent, so I thoughfully indicated interest when she mentioned dessert, only to hear her voice while she talked about the menu, even though secretly I was too full.