1st Visit: House of Dosas Kingsway & Knight

The bill:

1st Visit: House of Dosas - Kingsway & Knight - 10

The dosa:

1st Visit: House of Dosas - Kingsway & Knight - 3

House of Dosas (1391 Kingsway, 604 875-1283) is another Vancouver cheap and cheerful ethnic hole in the wall. I knew it would be good! Excellent dosas at a wonderfully inexpensive price (only $5 at lunch, Tuesday through Thursday, with a few exceptions)! I had a masala dosa and a masala tea ($1.50). Delicious. We will be back to try the rest of their Indian and Sri Lankan food such as string hoppers and their other dosas and what the h*ck we may even try their Mee Goreng (since apparently the chef knows Malaysian food too!)!


This is a great site - unfortunately I'm 6,000 miles away so can't sample the delights of Vancover until I make a visit. No shortage of good eateries for us vegetarian types.

The dosas here aren't bad, but they're not great either. The crepe is usually too thick, the filling is somewhat bland and the sambal is far from the best I've had. If you've never had a great dosa then you'll probably enjoy the experience, otherwise I'd try the "Dosa Hut" on Hastings which is much more authentic and very tasty.

Aftaab: we'll try the Dosa Hut on Hastings some day. It's definitely on our list of restaurants to try.

Hmm never heard of Dosa Hut but will look into it. I've only had dosas at Delhi Darbar on Main and they were very delicious indeed. We were with a group of people and there were two kinds ordered, one with spicy vegetables, and the other with caramelized onions which rocked !! The crepes were large and fluffy (not soggy from fillings) and the fillings piping hot and aromatic. Cheap too, around $5(?) per order.

thanks lorenzo, where are you exactly?