Ideal British type pub for after dinner conversation with a big group

For future events like our Drupal and Civic Space dinner, I am looking for a quiet-ish British style pub where we can have conversations uninterrupted by loud music. If you know of a good place, please leave a comment.

For me the ideal place would:

  • take large groups (10-24)
  • have a large selection of draft beers, I would prefer British, German, Belgian, BC micro brew or Czech. I love Steamworks and the Yaletown Brewing Company but much as I love their beers and they are in fact my default places for events of this nature, I would prefer to find other places that serve other people's beers.
  • allow and enable conversation (no loud music! background ambient electronic music would be cool)
  • have decent food



A few places come to mind: Dentry's Irish Grill on W. 10th The Frog & Firkin on W. Broadway The Lennox Pub on N. Granville Bimini's on W. 4th Martini's on W. Broadway The Wolf and Hound on W. Broadway

thanks ken, one more criterion: must be close to a SkyTrain station or downtown, in gastown or yaletown i have found it's too difficult to get people who are from out of town to go over the bridge to fairview and kits so that rules out dentry's, bimini's, martinin's and the wolf and hound as for the others they are nice places but they don't have a large selection of draft beers, do they?