Raisin Bread from HomeBaking

Roland loves raisin bread.  At the grocery store the other day I was just about to pick up a loaf for him when I figured that I probably have a good recipe for raisin bread that would be healthier and tastier than a store bought loaf.

I flipped through HomeBaking and found a recipe for Helen's Special Raisin Bread and decided to give it a try.  Not a hard decision, as the recipe (like all the recipes in HomeBaking) is written in a friendly, empowering and inspiring tone.

The raisin bread turned out fabulously:  soft, compact yet fluffy texture, nice flavour, pale golden colour, a good swirl of raisins.  I improvised and added more raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Next time I'll try to cram in even more raisins. I already have an order from my mum for my next batch...a definite keeper of a recipe!

Look out for a review of HomeBaking in the near future.

Check out these photos of the finished bread: