Another superb meal at Lumiere

We enjoyed another superb meal at Lumiere on Saturday with some friends from Ontario.

Prices have gone up slightly; the vegetarian menu which I had for the first time is now $80 and the seafood and chef's tasting menus are now $90.

But the food remains constant! Flavourful, inventive and sophisticated.

The highlights of my vegetarian menu were the pea soup and the risotto. The pea soup, which is not on the menu, had an understated beautifully light taste topped off by two fresh sweet peas. It was the perfect starter for the rest of the meal.

The risotto was creamy but not too rich and sang out in clear earthy tones the flavour of porcini mushrooms.

The chef, Rob Feenie, may be the bad boy of Canadian cuisine according to the Globe and Mail but his food speaks for itself. Eat it!