First Visit: The Boss Restaurant and Bakery in Chinatown

The Boss bakery and restaurant in Chinatown (which was recently refurbished) serves a genre of food that originated in Hong Kong: Western food (like pork chops and spaghetti) served Hong Style as well as normal Hong Kong Chinese food and baked goods. All at an inexpensive price!

Today, for instance, we had two portions of their all-day breakfasts (breakfast "A", I believe) which included a fried pork chop with two eggs, bread or a sweet bun and a Hong Kong style (i.e. with evaporated milk) coffee or tea all for under four bucks per portion.

The four of us also enjoyed a plate of chicken fried rice with salty fish (one of our favourite dishes) and a plate of crispy noodles with pepper beef and vegetables.

This very filling and delicious brunch came to approximately $30 including tax and tip. Very inexpensive! And if you are still hungry, the bakery at the front has lots of savoury and sweet delights to take home or to eat on the run.

Needless to say we will be back! We'll probably take some friends to eat and then go to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden.

The Boss Bakery and Restaurant, 32-534 Main St., 604 683-3860