First Visit: Picasso Cafe

Today we had brunch with our friends, Susan and Lisa, at Picasso Cafe where one of our fellow Lindy Hoppers, Aaron, works as a mentor to at-risk youth and as a waiter.

The brunch was excellent and inexpensive. I had the hearty classic breakfast with two mini-buttermilk pancakes (I love butter milk pancakes and these were great!) , two eggs, bacon and toast for $6.95 and Barb had Eggs Benedict for $7.50. Susan had French Toast and Lisa had the Mushroom Swiss Omlette which they both enjoyed especially the French Toast.

I really enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant; light and airy (no doubt due to their skylights) with a nice view of bustling West Broadway.

But wait, there's more! This restaurant which is run by the Option Youth Society, also functions as a registered post secondary educational institution. It prepares "at-risk" youths for jobs in the restaurant and catering industry.

In the end, a restaurant lives and dies by the quality of its food and service. From our first visit, it's obvious that they succeed on both fronts. We'll definitely be back for more!

Picasso Cafe, 1626 West Broadway, 604 730-0017