First Visit: Rubina Grill at Granville Island

Until recently, you really could not satisfy your Indian food cravings at Granville Island.

Luckily, Rubina Grill, an offshoot of the excellent Rubina Tandoori (who did a fabulous job catering Toni and Kerrie's wedding), opened a few weeks ago. This makes Granville Island a great setting for a gentle non-threatening introduction to Indian cuisine.Today Barb, myself and our friend Anna tried it out.

The Rubina Grill has a daily featured breakfast priced between four and five dollars before 11a.m.

On Saturday, there are two featured breakfasts: one with lamb sausage for $5.25 and a second with scrambled eggs, chutney, fried unleavened bread and a cup of chai for $4.

There are also snacks and curries (each with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options) on offer for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately when we arrived at about 10:30a.m. there was no more lamb sausage, so Anna and Barb each had the featured breakfast and I had two items with rice for $6.50 and an accompanying chai for 50 cents.

The two items that I chose were a chicken curry (mmm!) and one of my favourites, channa masala.

I am happy to report that the food the Rubina Grill on our first visit lives up to the high standards set by its sister restaurant.

The breakfasts were tasty and I loved my chicken curry and channa masala (the chick peas were not over cooked and had a nice, layered tomato, spinach and curry flavour).

We'll be back!