First Visit: Green Lettuce on Kingsway

Mixing cultures is like breathing. It's something that I have always taken for granted and couldn't do without.

And food is part of culture! So mixing cuisines or "fusion" is something that makes sense to me.

The Green Lettuce Cafe Restaurant at 1949 Kingsway (604 876-9883) presents a unique Chinese and Indian mix.

Apparently, alot of Chinese people have lived in the cosmopolitan Indian city of Bombay for many years and over the years they have created a unique blend of Chinese and Indian Cuisine.

Fortunately, we don't have to go to Bombay to try this out. The Green Lettuce judging by the predominantly Indian crowd and the fusine nature of cuisine seems to serve "authentic" Bombay style Chinese food.

I don't know what authentic Bombay style Chinese food is, but based on our visit tonight it seems to be Chinese food that's spicier in the Indian sense and with subtle backnotes that appeal to those with a sensibility for Indian flavours.

We were most intrigued by these two dishes: The Pilli chili chicken ($12.50), for example, was tart, spicy and almost orangey. And the Gobi Manchuran ($9.95) consisted of cauliflower fritters in a slightly sweet sauce.

We also had spicy green beans with chicken (a very Chinese sort of dish) and a simple but spicy Hakka Chow Mein.

The prices were very reasonable! For the four mains described above, two naans, one bowl of rice and two Kingfisher beers and two orders of kulfi for dessert, the bill came to $69.55. A veritable feast for our party of four!

Needless to say, we'll be back for a second visit and a mini-review!

Green Lettuce Cafe Restaurant, 1949 Kingsway, 604 876-9883


...still waiting for your second visit...

we went and liked it, but somehow i didn't take any notes and therefore couldn't write a mini-review! next time!