What Happened to Haru?

[EDITORS' NOTE: Thanks Stella! We have heard that Haru ( 1221 Thurlow St. 604-687-4278) is a fine restaurant but unfortunately have not tried it! If anybody out there knows what's happening with Haru or wants to contribute a review, please let us know (requires quick and easy site membership).]

Even though it has not been discussed here on this website since I have been looking, I am sure that you guys know about Haru - the great authentic Japanese restaurant on Thurlow.

Last time I checked, there was a notice on the door saying that the renovations being carried out were against city bylaws or something to that effect, but since then nothing else seems to be happening on site.

Does anyone know what is going on there and whether Haru has gone out of buisness???!! That would he hard to believe (they were busy all the time) and very sad news indeed. I am hoping that they are relocating somewhere else.


Contributed by stella