The Italian Market

Our Italian Canadian friend, Marco, buys alot of the Italian pasta, meat and cheese for his house at the Italian Market on Hastings.

He took me there on Thursday on his day off. It's not a very big place but there is a comprehensive selection of Italian cheeses, meats (salami, sausage, etc.), pasta and Italian ingredients.

I bought some Pecorino Romano cheese, some bucatini pasta and two hot and two mild sausages.

I grilled the hot sausage today, mixed it up with some home-made tomato sauce and served it over bucatini! It was delicious! The sausages were not too fatty and just spicy enough! Mmmm.

The Italian Market, 2276 East Hastings (just west of North Garden Drive, a block and a half west of Nanaimo), 604 255 2032