Mini-mini Review: Velvet Cafe on Broadway

Last night, Barb and I went to the Velvet Cafe for the first time. And we had a great time!

We are so blessed to have another great restaurant within walking distance from where we live. The Velvet Cafe serves tasty Indian food in an intimate, cozy, small and well appointed room!

A great place to escape from the summer heat and the hustle and bustle of Broadway.

We had chick pea curry, vegetable fritters in a wonderful tomatoey cumin broth, and parantha (stuffed with bread) and rice pudding with a nice cardomon flavour to end. That with a Black Bear beer (a nice porter style beer) came to $30 with tax and tip. I think that the waiter forgot to charge us for the pudding but we'll be back so this is no big deal and we can make up for it then. Recommended for soothing ambiance and low cost tasty Indian food.

Velvet Cafe, 1453 West Broadway, 604 736 3312