Sugarplum Desserts Carrot cake is delicious!

Tonight we sampled the carrot cake from Sugarplum Desserts in Langley. It was heavenly; not too sweet, with a mouthwatering texture and just the right amount of nuts. The cake was even decorated with miniature real carrots.

Our friend Cathy, who has a discerning eye for both good food and bargains, told us about Sugarplum Desserts. According to Cathy, they cook cakes for Vancouver area restaurants and, if they are flawed in anyway, they sell these cakes (known as "seconds") for bargain prices.

Bargain is right! These carrot cakes were 2 for $5!

if you are ever in Langely, check out their seconds. I am sure it will be good whatever it happens to be that day.

Sugarplum Desserts, 5-20381-62nd Ave Langley, 534-2282