Mini-Review: Foundation Lounge

Last night after rounding up a few friends to go to the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association's fundraising event at the Vancouver Rowing Club, we decided to go seek dinner. "M", our ever-adventurous gourmand, suggested the Foundation Lounge on Main at 7th (2301 Main Street, 604 708-0881) . I had walked by there before and became very curious after seeing some real funky decor (and people) but hadn't had the chance to try out their offerings.

As it turns out the Foundation is a vegan's delight. Think of The Naam concept completely refreshed for the 21st century with very creative recipes, ambience and unabashed 'perspectives' at social issues and you sort of get the Foundation's concept. Menu choices were too numerous for me to remember, but I don't recall seeing anything over $10. And portions are HUGE. Luckily the foods and ingredients are pretty much all guilt-free (health-wise and global sustainability-wise). The five of us ordered three salads, a veggie-stew on basmati and an assorted appetizer plate the size of Mongolia. Not having been experts of vegan cuisine, all of us (after becoming thoroughly stuffed) were most impressed with the freshness, quality and creativity of the dishes. And all of us agreed we can easily enjoy this type of vegan cuisine several nights a week ..... so that's saying something about the appeal of Foundation.

With three beers, our late evening feast bill came to $56 with taxes. Sweet !

Bon apetit, SaabKen

Contributed by SaabKen