Roland's Highlights San Francisco 2002


  Our stay in San Francisco from September 20 to September 28, 2002 was a veritable adventure in eating. San Francisco markets and restaurants are not cheap by Canadian standards but they offer incredible variety and quality at all price levels. Here are my highlights.

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  Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market, Memphis Minnie's, Angkor Borei, Andalu, Caffe Greco, Caffe Trieste, Pancho Villa, Molinari's, Il Pollaio, Brandy Ho's Hunan Food, Oakville Grocery in Napa

Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market 

  This is like the East Van Farmers' market on steroids! Tons of great food (and lots of it organic). We bought some awesome organic heirloom tomatoes, and other fruit and vegetables for a dinner party that we held for our San Francisco friends. The prices are the same as Canadian ones but in American dollars and a little bit more.
  Location: Embarcadero and Green Street

Memphis Minnie's 

  Greg and Yalan's favourite BBQ place. We loved the macaroni and cheese, and the mustard sauce as well as their great BBQ (e.g. the beef brisket and ribs!). Not inexpensive but not cheap: $57 (all prices in American dollars) for four adults and a baby.
  Location: 576 Haight, 415 864-PORK

Angkor Borei 

  Mouthwatering Cambodian food. The two appetizers we had were the best: a Cambodian crepe filled with shrimp, pork and bean sprouts with a spicy sweet dipping sauce and crispy rice with ground pork cooked in coconut sauce. Inexpensive. I think that this was my favourite simply because of the unpretentiousness and the wonderful mixture of flavours.
  Location: Bernal Heights, 3471 Mission Street, 415 550-8417


  Not tapas in the original Spanish sense. Kind of like a large, non-claustrophic Bin 942. Great tacos made from ahi tuna. Delicious seared beef carpaccio. Wonderful fondue of apple and pear dipped in cambazola blue cheese that complemented the flavours of the rest of the tapas nicely. Foie gras with duck breast! An excellent chocolate gateux with Mint Anglaise . Our bill including a glass of Vin Santo, a glass of white sangria, a glass of red wine and far too many tapas for two was $94 without tip.
  Location: Mission, 3198 16th Street, 415 621-2211

Caffe Greco 

  Great coffee. Don't make the mistake of ordering the large like I did. Large is way too big.
  Location: North Beach, 1414 Grant Avenue, 415 397-6261

Caffe Trieste 

  Stomping grounds of the beat poets. Great coffee and great location for surveying North Beach.
  Location: North Beach, 609 Vallejo Street, 415 392-6739

Pancho Villa 

  Why don't we have burritos like this in Vancouver? Recommended by our friends Doug and Yolly. Great carne asada (grilled beef) and hot sauces to go with the yummy buritos. Everything on the menu is cheap (less than $10).
  Location: Mission, 3071 16th St., 415 864-8840

Il Pollaio 

  Simple, unpretentious neighbourhood Argentinan restaurant that serves delicous roast chicken (even the breast was juicy!) with home made salsa and great cole slaw that isn't slathered in sauce). Inexpensive.
  Location: North Beach, 555 Columbus Ave, 415 362-7727


  Pick your own piece of bread and order your sandwich. All sandwhiches are cheap (less than 10 bucks) and wonderful, Also, a great place to stock up on Italian supplies.
  Location: North Beach, 373 Columbus Avenue, 415 421-2337

Brando Ho's Hunan Food 

  Great smoked duck and wonderfully hot food. Lots of bursts of spicy Hunan flavour!
  Location: North Beach, 217 Columbus Avenue, 415 788-7527

Oakville Grocery 

  The original Napa Valley Gourmet grocery and still the best. We bought some bread, paté, cheese, salami with fennel and had an excellent gourmet picnic.
  Location: Napa Valley, 7856 St. Helena Highway (Highway 29), Oakville, CA 94562