Why learn to cook?

Why should one learn to cook? There are many arguments for and against learning to cook. And there are also many excuses not to cook.

I can't quite remember not being able to cook or not being involved with my food at some level. I'm sure that in my early childhood and infancy, my cooking was limited, but I was always around food and the kitchen. And I started to bake using my EasyBake oven when I was four years old. So, I am biased towards learning how to cook.

Besides being a basic lifeskill, cooking can instill a feeling of accomplishment and pleasure. Cooking can also be a springboard to other benefits such as improved health and wellbeing, increased social connections (especially when food is shared with family and friends). Cooking can unleash an often untapped creative side. And for those on a tight budget, cooking can be a lot cheaper and tastier than eating out!

My friend Larry has made it a goal to learn how to cook this year. When I joked and said, "You know, chicks like guys who can cook," he was quick to reply, "Yeah, I know!" with a grin. Larry knows which side his bread is buttered.

I have offered to teach him how to cook. Not solely because I think everyone should be able to cook, but because this is an opportunity for me to share my knowledge and experience. I also want to share my joy and enthusiasm of food. I'm by no means an expert/teacher/chef, but I think I can pass on some skills and knowledge.

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