Georgia Straight Food URLs explained

[UPDATE June 7, 2003: no longer works and neither does works up until January 2003 and where xxx <= 1830. and lower work but and higher don't work.

The Food section is now of the form e.g. this week's food section is at Unfortunately there is no pattern to figure out what xxxx is week after week, so unless you bookmark the page or save it on a blog or web page before the Thursday of the following week, the URL is lost.

Respectful request to the Straight web team: Please provide an archive page of all the food writing.

[UPDATE November 9. 2002: The Georgia Straight appears to have simplified their URLs. No longer do you need to prefix their URLs with Now you can simply use e.g. the current food feature is]

I discovered by playing around with the Georgia Straight URLs that the Food Feature and Jurgen Gothe's Uncorked archives are on the site.

The food feature appears to have URLs of the form: where "xxxx" represents the issue number. This week is issue 1806. Last week was issue 1805 so to get last week's Food Feature on Steveston the URL is:

Similarly, Uncorked appears to have URLs of the form:
e.g. The URL of last week's Uncorked, Cool Whites Priced to Move) is:

Of course the Straight could change this at any time, so don't be surprise if this doesn't work in the future!