Eat! Vancouver 2005 Wrapup

Thanks to Heather Angeard et al for organizing a wonderful event and thanks to George and Memphis Mike for their patience and understanding with the VanEats podcasting crew. Thanks to Kris Krug for the fantastic event blogging and photographs (mine pale in comparison).  Thanks to our 10 podcast interviewees.  Loved speaking with each and everyone of you! Thanks to Taverna Gorgona for the tasty chicken souvlaki. I'll catch you next year for a podcast!

We'll be back next year with (fingers crossed) a mobile setup that doesn't require power! Podcasting is a lot of work, but also fun. It would be great if there was an area next year with WiFi or internet access for the media to upload their stories, blog posts and podcasts in real time!

Here are all 10 podcasts in the order we recorded them:

  1. Eat! Vancouver 2005 Pre-Show Podcast - 1st VanEats Podcast
  2. Eat! Vancouver 2005 Doug Peat - Union Gospel Mission - 2nd VanEats Podcast
  3. Eat! Vancouver 2005 Barry Benson of R and B Brewing Company - 3rd VanEats Podcast
  4. Eat! Vancouver 2005 Alexander Kolterer of 19A Wine Company Ltd. - 4th VanEats Podcast
  5. Eat! Vancouver 2005 Dan Emerson of Green Coffee - 5th VanEats Podcast
  6. Eat! Vancouver 2005 Mark Mudahy of Mr. Marks Caribbean Foods - 6th VanEats Podcast
  7. Eat! Vancouver 2005 Danielle of Garnish Girls - 7th VanEats Podcast
  8. Eat! Vancouver 2005 Anne Garber - 8th VanEats Podcast
  9. Eat Vancouver 2005 Cliff Mytton of Kiwi Pie Company - 9th VanEats Podcast
  10. Eat Vancouver 2005 Kodai Uno of Shiru-Bay Chopstick Cafe - 10th VanEats Podcast