Barb likes Lindemans Peche Lambic

It figures!


Czechvar - ain't nothing like the real thing!

I am a big fan of the legendary Czech beer, Pilsner Urquell. In my opinion it puts other pilsners to shame.

So when I read in the Georgia Straight two weeks ago about Czechvar, the original Budweiser, being available at the LDB for $2.75 a bottle, I had to try it.


Cascade Special Stout from Australia

Doesn't look like Cascade Special Stout is available at BC Liquor Stores!

Only in Austrialia, eh? Pity :-) ! (via Jonathon Delacour) We need more stouts here!


Steamworks Coal Porter is divine!

I recently had the pleasure of trying the porter beer at Steamworks (375 Water Street, 604.689.2739) which they call "Coal Porter".

It is creamy, smooth, sweet and not heavy. Just right. Highly recommended if you like porter beers!


Crannog Ales

Crannog Ales is a BC certified organic brewery located in Sorrento, BC. In a very unscientific survey of the locally available micro brews, the judges (me :-) declared their stout the tastiest!

Therefore, for our wedding swing dance, we are serving beer from two mini kegs from Crannog Ales. One keg of "Red Branch Irish Ale" and one keg of their award winning "Back Hand of God" Stout.



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