Mini-Review: Teatriz Cafe

[UPDATE 01 February 2005 (wow!) from Jeni whose family now owns Teatriz. After reading what Jeni wrote below, I'll have to go back with the 'ole gang and check it out and write another update!]. Jeni writes:


I noticed that you had a review for Teatriz Cafe - which is amazing! I don't think anyone has ever heard of it before. But, I did notice that the review was from 2000. Have you been back recently? My family bought it last April and the whole menu has changed! The regulars have been raving about the food and the owner was a chef at the original Sun Sui Wah on Main street. The owner has been highly regarded in the asian cuisine community in Vancouver for a while now. The prices haven't changed much but the food is amazing! I urge you to go back and give it another go, although I don't think you can call it the "Green Place" any more. We've changed the awning outside to a much brighter, attenion-grabbing yellow.


At work, one of our favourite places to go out for lunch in Richmond is the Teatriz Cafe which we have affectionately dubbed as "The Green Place" because it is green and nobody can remember the real name.

It's a great place for lunch; I have never been there for dinner or at any other time so if you go at dinner this review won't help but I have looked at the menu and it looks decent. Judging by lunch, dinner should be fine.

For $6.95 you get a soup, main course and a beverage as part of the lunch special. I usually get almond tea but you can get Hong Kong Style tea or iced coffee and other drinks as well.

There are 5 or 6 main courses divided into two groups: Chinese and Hong Kong style Western food. This menu is only in Chinese but I am told that the staff likes to practise their English and will therefore not being able to read Chinese should not be a problem.

Fortunately, I don't have this problem since I go with my colleagues who can speak and read Chinese.

There are usually several noodle dishes, and a few dishes served over rice. Today I had pork with a special sauce which I couldn't identify and my colleagues could not translate. I think the sauce had some fish paste in it like bagoong which is Filipino for fish paste.

If you are ever in Richmond and are up to a little adventure or are lunching with Chinese speaking and reading people, I highly recommend this place.

Teatriz Cafe, Unit 115, 8231 Cambie Road, Richmond, 279 8896