Mini-Review Koon Bo Seafood Restaurant

Koon Bo (5682 Fraser Street, 604 323-1218, closed Mondays) is an upretentious Chinese restaurant tucked away in a mini-mall at 41st and Fraser.

It's a favourite of Barb's family (and judging by our visits, a favourite of many Chinese families; we suggest making a reservation if you come during peak times) and now is one of my favourites too. 

The restaurant is not fancy; it's family run and the quality is one step up from most Cantonese restaurants and it's still inexpensive.

For us, their signature dish is the shredded chicken salad.  It's a tasty texture treat.   The crunchiness of deep fried noodles combined with chicken, thinly sliced home made pickles, jellyfish, sesame seeds and a light sesame dressing is a delight.

On a recent visit, we had a shredded chicken salad, half BBQ duck, stir fried geoduck w/greens, sauteed pea shoots with garlic (garlicy but not too garlicky and the pea shoots were just done and not overpowered by the garlic flavour), deep fried tofu stuffed with shrimp and fried rice with dried scallop and eggwhite.  All for about a hundred dollars! Excellent value for the price and the high quality of the food.