Mini Review: The Boss Bakery and Restaurant in Chinatown

The Boss is an excellent place for inexpensive food in Chinatown. It's the kind of place you can take both your foodie friends and your non foodie friends and everybody can be happy. The ambiance is bright and pleasant with lots of people having a good time hanging out and enjoying the food. A great pitstop during a shopping or sightseeing tour of Chinatown!

It features a bakery at the front selling wonderful sweet and savoury pastries and cakes at reasonable prices such as mini pastries at 3 for about $1.10!. The variety of baked goods range from wonderfully light whipped cream based cakes to traditional Chinese pastries to typical Hong Kong style goodies.

And behind the bakery is a restaurant which is like a typical Hong Kong style cafe cheerfully serving up bargain price breakfast, lunch, dinners and lots of inexpensive specials.

The last time we went we shared a lunch special for about $8.50 which consisted of a cream soup with corn and ham, a whole wheat bun and either rice noodles braised with duck and preserved vegetables (which we chose) or black pepper chicken over rice and either a Hong Kong style coffee or tea with evaporated milk (we chose the tea). Delicious. Barb and I split that and also shared a plate of crispy noodles with pepper beef (nice and peppery!) for 8.75.

The total came to $21 including taxes and a generous tip! A bargain! We stuffed ourselves but still had enough left over for a generous snack the next day for both of us!

WARNING: cash only but since it's so cheap and good that shouldn't be a problem.

Highly Recommended!

The Boss Bakery and Restaurant, 32-534 Main St., 604 683-3860