Sundried tomato and Pesto Torta

A few notes:

  1. Instead of making the pesto and sundried tomato spread from scratch, I bought small bottles of them. I would recommend mixing 1/3C of pesto with 1/3C cream cheese and 1/3C of sundried tomato spread with 1/3C cream cheese for those layers.
  2. I made two smaller torta (5" diameter bowls) instead of one big one. The layers were fairly thin. In one the layers were: white, red, white, green, white, red. In the other the layers were: white, green, white, red, white, green, white. Very festive!
  3. We had 45 people over and one torta was fully eaten.
  4. I served it with melba toast rounds instead of bread.

Contributed by Teresa Salter